Looking for a particular piece of information related to home health care? Check out these top online resources compiled by KHHA and be informed.

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For those who are searching for Medicare-accredited home health care providers, this is the place to visit. The official Medicare site has a complete list of all home health care agencies across the various cities in the United States that are registered with Medicare. The list also contains contact details such as phone numbers and addresses, as well as the types of services offered by each agency such as nursing, occupational therapy, speech pathology, and home health aide. Most importantly, you can find quality measure ratings for each agency, which can help you decide if a provider is worth considering for your home health care needs.

A Place for Mom

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How do you make a distinction between home health care and home care? Yes, they are two separate services even if they both happen in a home environment. According to A Place for Mom, the major difference is the presence or absence of clinical care. This article shows a good comparison between the two non-interchangeable terms, specifically the services offered, when they are better used, and the payment options for each service.

Additionally, this site has a collection of articles that discuss common senior health issues such as Alzheimer’s and anxiety disorders.

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Learning the basics of home health care is easy when you refer to this online resource. In a Q&A format, provides answers to common questions like the examples of home health care services, what to expect from a provider, and the usual responsibilities of a home health staff.