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Proper Nutrition and Exercise: Natural and Effective Arthritis Cures

Are you wondering what is causing the unbearable pain in your shoulders, elbows, or knees and how to stop it? Don’t allow arthritis pain to get the better of you. If you have arthritis, you can count on two natural arthritis cures to ease your joint problems: proper nutrition and exercise.

The wonders of eating healthy

21 - Proper Nutrition and Exercise: Natural and Effective Arthritis Cures

Ensuring proper nutrition in one’s diet is not just for athletes and health buffs. People with arthritis can also benefit from eating nutritious foods.

Different vitamins and minerals can effectively eliminate arthritis symptoms. Among the necessary vitamins for treating arthritis are vitamins C, D, E, and the B-vitamins (3, 5, 6, and 12). The important minerals include zinc, calcium, omega 3, and chondrotin.

And there’s no other way to get these essential vitamins and minerals than having a nutritious diet. The good news for arthritis sufferers is that a lot of foods contain most of the vitamins and minerals that keep arthritis pain at bay.

You can get vitamin C from foods such as oranges, lemons, strawberries, blueberries, spinach, cantaloupe, and broccoli, among many others. Foods that are rich in B-vitamins include dried beans, whole grains, and lentils. Vitamin D can be found in milk, fish liver oils, and egg yolks, while vitamin E can be found in green leafy vegetables and nuts.

Being careful with what you eat is also the key to relieving arthritis pain. For example, avoid eating poultry and red meat because the fats from these food sources can worsen joint inflammation. In contrast, cold-water fish can lessen the inflammation.

It is recommended that a person with arthritis eat five to nine servings of fruits and vegetables to get the much-needed vitamins and minerals.

Exercise is good for the joints

22 - Proper Nutrition and Exercise: Natural and Effective Arthritis Cures

One of the well-known natural arthritis cures is exercise. It helps make the muscles and joints become more flexible. A number of exercise options are good for people with arthritis, which include running, walking, yoga, tai chi, and water exercises. The best exercise option for you depends on the type of arthritis you have. It is advised that you consult your doctor first and discuss with him your exercise plan to combat arthritis.

To get the most out of your exercise regime, there are some pointers you need to keep in mind. Make sure that you do it gradually, meaning you start doing exercises with low intensity and build up gradually.

Don’t exert yourself too much, or else your arthritis symptoms will become worse. Exercise moderately to avoid increased swelling of your joint. While physical activity is important in managing arthritis pain, adequate rest is just as important. So be sure that you alternate rest with your exercise for optimal results.

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