post8 - What Herbs are Useful in Ayurvedic Treatments for Arthritis? Alternative Health Issues 

What Herbs are Useful in Ayurvedic Treatments for Arthritis?

Traditional vs. alternative views on arthritis Usually, we associate arthritis with extreme pain and aging. True enough, arthritis involves pain because of the swelling of the joints. Commonly observed in elderly people, arthritis is an autoimmune disease, meaning it is a condition in which the body attacks itself. It starts with acute pains in one or two joints, and eventually, it may lead to joint and bone deformities. That is how traditional medicine views arthritis. Ayurveda, which is an alternative healing system that originatedin India, sees arthritis in a different…

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post10 - 3 Natural Home Remedies for Dealing with Panic Attacks Alternative Health Issues 

3 Natural Home Remedies for Dealing with Panic Attacks

Studies show that one in every 20 people is suffering from mild or severe panic attacks. Many treatments can be used to cure panic attacks, and some of them can be done at the comfort of one’s home. The problem with traditional treatments Psychotropic drugs such as antidepressants, tranquilizers, and mood stabilizers are the known conventional methods to cure panic attacks. This treatment approach affects the central nervous system, which in turn changes the patient’s mood, perception, or behavior. However, traditional treatments for panic attacks do not get to the…

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post11 - Alternative Treatments for Alzheimer's Disease: Are They Effective? Alternative Health Issues 

Alternative Treatments for Alzheimer’s Disease: Are They Effective?

Alzheimer’s disease is a very complex condition. In recent years, treatments for Alzheimer’s disease provide short-termrelief from symptoms such as depression, aggression, insomnia, gradual memory loss, and poor cognitive skills. If you are looking for a safe and natural remedy for Alzheimer’s disease, Ayurvedic treatments are a smart home health careoption. There may be no cure yet for the condition, but Ayurveda has the ability to keep the brain functioning well and to sharpen memory, thus helping a person lead a normal and less stressful life. Ayurveda as an alternative…

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