About KHHA

a1 - About KHHAWhat KHHA is

KHHA is continuously striving to inform and educate patients and their families on home health care resources and issues to those needing to know how to access and use home health care. It is our hope that this site will offer you details about issues of importance to the home care patient in today’s ever changing environment.

Who we are

We are an organization of health care providers in Seattle who value the home as a therapeutic environment for the care of persons experiencing health and wellness problems. To support this value, we join together those striving to improve the availability and quality of this care with those who advocate for, establish public policy regarding, regulate and pay for care at home.

Why we’re doing this

Overall, our organization’s mission is to promote care at home as a vital component of the health care delivery system. Specifically, here are the objectives we have in place for the home health care industry in America:

  • To encourage the use of standards that will enhance the quality of care at home
  • To foster research and development opportunities for the advancement of knowledge to improve the delivery of care in the home
  • To promote a strong positive public image for the home care industry